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Curds & Whey Biography

Electrifying original numbers and an intense love of performing cover songs are the driving forces powering the new cutting-edge duo, Curds&Whey.  A piano/vocal duo at heart, the band expands with guest members at will and changes genres just as fast.  And, yes, they argue when asked the question, "Which one is Curds?"  Greg Kisser quips, “I’ve always been a Top-40 piano guy so Scott Rocker's background really pushes me. Scott formed a band with the original members from Nickelback playing covers, so he brings a distinctive edge to the pop dance genre." 

Rocker laughs, “Yeah, it’s partially my fault. Chad and I formed a band in Hanna, eventually adding the talented Ryan Peake. Along with the Kroeger brothers and cousin, we played this dingy bar circuit stretching from Northern BC to Southern AB, usually without any gigs in between. We weren't called Nickelback but as soon as I left, Chad started singing and the name came shortly after. Do we sound anything like them? No, but regardless of what anyone says, I'm super proud of my friends." 

Chad Kroeger credits Scott with teaching him everything he knows about fronting a rock n' roll band. Kind words that become unmistakably evident when you see a Curds&Whey show. ‘Show’ being the operative word, as the band ritually brings down the house. Deep mood, ambiance, energy, feeling and exceptional talent are some of the mounting words describing the multi-genre Curds&Whey.